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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / Adding a new Filter - Roel Please :)
Posted:  25 Jan 2012 21:27
So far...
I have added a new event field by following the same exact logic as the "venue" field however instead of using a text post in the form page, I used a drop down (select-options) to limit the input to 10 options (example: place1, place2, place3). That part works great, and have had no problems... I even added it to the search when you released it.

The part I am struggling on using this new field as as FILTER up/under the OPTIONS button...

I see the construction of the menu occurs in the header.php file and I can make the additional table header and the table cell to display a list of checkboxes (to hold the values of place1, place2, place3 to pass along)... which was easy, but where do I go next to actually make this work?

Help me get this to work and your next beer is on me :)
Posted:  26 Jan 2012 14:15   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Detailed instructions sent to you by email.
Posted:  27 Jan 2012 22:46
Alright, I gave up...

i do have one last questions, what is slday in the css for?
Posted:  28 Jan 2012 17:43
What do you mean by 'I gave up...'? You've done already 95% of the work, you are almost there!

slday in the css
When you jump to a specific date, e.g. with the date picker in the navigation bar, then this style affects the corresponding day-cell in Month view. (currently a red border).
Posted:  01 Feb 2012 02:34
There was something missing that I just couldn't put my finger on, and it ate up way too much time. Hopefully if I get some spare time this month I will revisit.
Posted:  01 Feb 2012 02:34
Thanks for all your hard work Roel
Posted:  04 Feb 2012 03:21
I tried to do the same, but realized that it will be a pretty big problem to update correctly this calendar in new version