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LuxCal Forum / General / Problems / RSS link add to show calendar and mini link 2.60
Posted:  23 Jan 2012 07:08
Thanks for great script.
For show links to calendar add in rssfeed.php

in line 79 after:
$feed .= "<title>".makeD($date,6).": ".htmlspecialchars($evt['tit'])."</title>n";

$feed .= "<link>".$set['calendarUrl']."</link>n";

and rss show the link to calendar

and mini if you install in subdirectory to link to rss calendar no work
modify in lcmini.php  line 135
echo '<tr><th colspan="7" class="fontS"><a class="floatL" href="'.$set['calendarUrl'].'rssfeed.php" title="RSS
echo '<tr><th colspan="7" class="fontS"><a class="floatL" href="'.$set['calendarUrl/'].'rssfeed.php" title="RSS
Posted:  23 Jan 2012 12:53
Hi aram,
Thanks for your suggestions.

I agree to add the link to the rssfeed.php script, however, I would like to add the date as well so that the link will go to the appropriate date.
So add:
  $feed .= "<link>".$set['calendarUrl']."?cD=".$date."</link>n";
to rssfeeds.php.

The change to the mini calendar - and also to the footer of the normal calendar - will be solved in the next LuxCal release.
Posted:  26 Jan 2012 09:06
thanks for your support :)thump_up