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Posted:  12 Jan 2012 14:03

I use calendar with iframe and this happens:

Help, please :o
Posted:  12 Jan 2012 18:24
Okay, i try to be more specific.
When i click minicalendars date and try to add new event,
that happens. Loginbox is too small and it is the same what ever browser i am using.
Tested in win 7+ ie9, win7 + ie8, win 7 + firefox, XP + ff, XP + ie8 so it must be somewhere in the code.
But when i'm allowed to add event, or when i'm logged, add event windows is just right size.
I dont get it...

So please help. This calendar is otherwise amazing, just what i'm looking for.
Posted:  12 Jan 2012 23:43   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,

This is because you have contradicting calendar settings:
1.  on the admin's Settings page you have enabled "Mini calendar event posting" (under User Accounts)
2. on the admin's Users page you have given the Public Access user "No access rights"

So on the admin's Users page give the Public Access user "Post own" or "Post all" rights and the problem will be solved.

I must admit that the display of the login window is not very elegant and that it would be better to explain on the Settings page under "Mini calendar event posting" that these two things go together.

I will improve this for the next LuxCal version.
Posted:  13 Jan 2012 06:07
Thanks for replying.

My problem is that i want my users to log into calendar with their own usernames.
So that they can view events without logging in, but if they want to add something,
they must log in to calendar. So i actually need that login window to be in right size, because it works otherwise perfectly. My problem is only the size of the window, not the window it self.

Thanks again!