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Posted:  11 Jan 2012 19:51   Last Edited By: lifeshot
Hi there!

I just wanted to say that this is by far the best Calander I have tried yet (I´ve tried about 20).

As I work a lot with the CMS Joomla it would be very much appreciated if this calander would come straight as a component. It would be definately the best calander component so far ...

Wishlist... well actually ... It would be fantastic if I could mark an event as "done".

Issues so far:
The only issue I found so far is when I post an event and want to be advised by email x days before. There is no mail send out ... but if I´d mark send now mail will be send correctly.
Posted:  11 Jan 2012 22:18   Last Edited By: Roel B.
CMS Joomla
I agree this could be interesting, however, I've no experience with producing Joomla extensions and at the moment I've no time to embark on such a project.

wish list - "done"
This is on our to-do list for a next version. The possibility to mark an event as "done" and maybe give it a different color would be a nice feature.

email reminders
Nobody else reported this problem before. This is most likely a cronjob problem.
Are you sure your cronjob has been correctly defined? Could you enable "Admin cron job summary in the calendar settings. If enabled you should get an error/warning message if the notify.php script fails.
Posted:  12 Jan 2012 15:11
I will check again the cronjob settings, I might have set up something wrong ... I´ll let you know in a few days ...