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LuxCal Forum / General / Problems / Cronjob Notification Email Working, but NOW notification not working???
Posted:  11 Jan 2012 13:57

Congratualtions on a great calendar app.

I am using the app and get notifications daily from the cronjob of new events etc etc.

However the NOW notification email function does not appear to work. Is there any configuration specific to the NOW notification that is not part of the cronjob notification.

Does the cronjob need to run to send the now notification?

The notification in x days email works fine as this runs with the cronjob but the now notifications do not work.

Has anyone else come up about this. I am using luxcal252.

Posted:  11 Jan 2012 22:01
Hi there,

To send an immediate (now) email reminder no cronjob is needed.
Nobody else has reported this problem before.
Do you get any error / warning message when you save the event with "send mail now" selected?