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Posted:  10 Jan 2012 23:36   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,

Just downloaded the new version 2.6.0.
I renamed config.php on the server, erased all of the files and folders and expanded the new version and uploaded all of the files... but when I check my calender page, the calender has disappeared to show :-
not permitted (tbox)
(Calender page)
I see this in both Firefox and Chrome..

Any ideas?

Posted:  11 Jan 2012 13:09   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Allan,
The message "not permitted (tbox)" doesn't exist any more in LuxCal 2.6.0.  Somewhere down the line you must have mixed up LuxCal 2.6.0 with a previous version of LuxCal.
Why did you rename config.php?
When you launched the new LuxCal version, did you get a messages saying that the calendar was upgraded and that config.php was renamed into config-backup.php?

If you are not sure, I would suggest to:
1. delete all calendar files from the server, EXCEPT config.php
2. download the latest version of LuxCal from the Downloads page of the LuxSoft site
3. Upload all files and directories to your server
and launch the calendar.
Posted:  13 Jan 2012 19:21   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Roel,
Thank you for the very quick response!
Not sure why I saw the error message - but I did as you suggested (deleted all files in the appropriate folder on the server and re-copied the files and finally uploaded config.php again and all now works as it should!
You have done a great job with the updates.

Thanks once again for the response and the great calender!