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Posted:  01 Jan 2012 13:31
LuxCal version 2.6.0 further improves the security of the calendar's database by:
- saving the calendar settings in the database itself (not stored any more in the root of the calendar)
- saving the database credentials in encrypted form
Furthermore a new configuration tool has been added which can be used when problems occur during the installation of the LuxCal calendar related to:
- database access
- PHP sessions
- cookies
- file permissions

Change log:
1. Calendar settings stored in database
The calendar settings are stored in a new table, called "settings", in the calendar's database. The database credentials are stored in a separate file and are encrypted, using a proprietary encryption algorithm. The "config.php" file is not used any more. These measures are a next step in increasing the calendar's security and making it less vulnerable to malicious users.
2. New configuration tool
A new configuration tool, called lcconfig.php, has been added. This tool has been developed to help solving installation problems. It can be used in case of database access problems and to test PHP sessions, cookies and file permissions.
3. Text search capability added
A text search capability has been added to the calendar, which can be started via a button on the navigation bar. The user can specify the text to search for, the event fields that should be included in the search (title, venue, description or all fields), the event category to search and a start and end date between which the search should take place. The search results are displayed in chronological order and contain hyper-links to directly go to a corresponding date in month view and to open a show/edit event window.
4. New calendar setting
A new admin calendar setting, called "details4All", has been added. If enabled: event details will be visible to the owner of the event and to all other users. If disabled: event details will only be visible to the owner of the event and to users with 'post all' rights. Event details will be hidden to all other users with less rights.
5. Repeating events further extended
When creating events which repeat every xth <day name> of the month, it is now possible to specify the month as well. E.g. repeat every 2nd Tuesday in April.
6. On-line User Guide restructured
The on-line User Guide has been restructured and changed to only display relevant help items, depending on the user rights.
7. Two new User Interface languages
Jose_s and Ramazan have been so kind to send us respectively the Czech and Turkish translation of the LuxCal user interface. Both languages have been upgraded to LuxCal 2.6.0 and are included in the new release.
8. Various minor improvements an bug fixes
-  A button "Add and close" has been added to the Add  Event window. When the user selects Add, the created event remains displayed and the Add Event window changes to Edit Event so that the user can edit or re-use the event to create another event.
- To match the style of the other elements on the navigation bar, the log in / log out link has been replaced by a button.
- Simplified syntax for SQL INSERT queries. Improves the maintainability of the calendar scripts.
- Corrections made to several scripts to produce valid xhtml.
- Functions to connect to the database and to get the calendar settings from the database are now centralized in the toolbox. Improved maintainability.
- When exporting iCal events, the time zone will now be added to the DTSTART and DTEND properties. This solves the "floating time" problems when importing the .ics file in Outlook
- Log In line problem on the Log In page, when using IE7, solved.
- Slashes stripped in title, venue and description fields when reloading the Edit Event window after selecting the Save button (without closing the window). Bug.
- When clicking a repeating event on the Upcoming Events page and then selecting to edit the occurrence, the date of the occurrence was not displayed in the start date field. Bug.
- The event category text color and background color can now be set independently. If either one is not set, it will take the default.
- undefined start time /end time values in the JavaScript function hide_times() in the event window solved.
- When importing iCal files, the linefeed characters "n" in the descriptions of imported events were not properly handled and converted to "<br />" tags. Other escaped characters ( e.g. ; ) are now properly un-escaped.
- If the calendar URL on the admin Settings page doesn't end with a slash, the slash is automatically inserter in the RSS link at the bottom left of the calendar pages.
- Various minor improvements.