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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / newbie - iframe html not working
Posted:  30 Dec 2011 06:12
I am relatively new to building sites. I have installed luxcal and have the calendar at I am trying to embed it into one of the pages of my site, but for some reason, copying and pasting the iframe code in the html of the page ( is not working after changing the mysite.xx to my url.

I want to have a small version of the Calendar on this page in the obvious spot and to change the colors of the calendar to more closely match the page. Can someone help?
Posted:  30 Dec 2011 13:44
Hi there,
Nice site! Ok, still under construction, but I like the style.

Changing the calendar colors is done in the file css/lctheme.php.

What do you mean by "is not working after changing the mysite.xx to my url"? Did it work before?
And what exactly does "is not working" mean? Does the calendar not display at all? Is there an error message? Could you insert the iframe code in the page ( and then send me an email, so that I can have a look at what happens.

I saw that you promote Firefox, which is excellent. Install the Firefox Add-On Html Validator, right click on your page and select View Page Source and you will see that there are still some errors on your page. Maybe these error cause the iframe problem.

Posted:  30 Dec 2011 16:56
Thanks for the response. By not working, I mean I can't get anything to display with the iframe. Once I save the code in the html editor, my code just disappears for some reason. All other code is retained, "a href", "img src", etc, just not the iframe code. Any ideas on why that would be?

I will have to work on installing the HTML Validator. Thanks for the feedback
Posted:  31 Dec 2011 17:13
Seems to be an html editor problem. Has it maybe been configured for XHTML - Strict, in which case no frames are allowed? (If so. one would expect a warning message from the html editor.)
Can't you add the iframe with an other editor; just to try out if it works?