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Posted:  07 Dec 2011 23:16
I love the rollover feature of LuxCal.  It's really cool  thump_up

But one problem I am having at the moment is that the rollover flickers occasionally.  Sometimes it flickers really bad as the mouse moves across the calendar.  Has anyone else had a similar problem?  Any ideas?
Posted:  08 Dec 2011 00:23
Hi Erik,

Could you give me some more details (what browser are you using? When exactly does the flicker occur and when does it stop (at the edges of the window, in the middle, etc.), does it flicker just once or continuously?).

Posted:  08 Dec 2011 15:45   Last Edited By: Roel B.
The problem does not occur on Firefox 8.  But it does occur on IE 8. 

I added more rows to be displayed for each event in the calendar.  I also added an image to each event.   

The flicker occurs as the mouse moves from one event element to another.  So as the mouse leaves the event type information displayed and moves over the event environment information, a flicker occurs. 

If the mouse stops moving, there is no flicker.

I would add my modification code to display an event but the code doesn't display well in this forum.  backslash"n" gets converted into "n".
Posted:  08 Dec 2011 15:53
It seems that as the mouse rolls off text in an event, for a moment, the rollover box attempts to disappear, but then somehow something determines that it should appear so it comes back on.  The flicker is really bad when the mouse is moved down or up in a vertical direction on IE on a day in the calendar when there are a lot of events.  Each event will have about 4 rows of text. And as the mouse rolls off one row of text and encounters another, it flickers quite a bit.
Posted:  08 Dec 2011 15:55

I will send you an e-mail with the changed event display code in a calendar day.
Posted:  23 Dec 2011 19:52
I added an image and a table into the div for an event.  As the mouse moves between elements, the flicker occurs.
Posted:  23 Dec 2011 20:10
so when the mouse rolls from one td element to another td element in the table in the div, the rollover flickers on then off
Posted:  23 Dec 2011 20:18
A simple snippet below:

<div onmouseover="popon('Shopping', 'normal repeat')" onmouseout="popoff()">20:15 <img border=0 src="es20.png"><table><tr><td align="left" bgcolor="2AFFAA">PROD</td><td>Deployment</td></tr></table> pre Christmas event</div>

In this example, the flicker really only occurs between the td elements
Posted:  25 Dec 2011 23:49
I worked around the issue by attaching the rollover only to the image and took it out of the div.  Previously the div, table, and an image were part of the rollover.  The flicker is much less when the rollover is attached only to the image.