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Posted:  01 Dec 2011 20:30

Is there a way to change the color automatically of the event based on time.  For instance Yellow being active sessions, blue completed sessions?
Posted:  02 Dec 2011 10:59
Hi there,
Currently this is not done, however a minor program change could do this.
On which page or/and in what box would you like the color to change?
And the color of what would you like to change?
Posted:  03 Dec 2011 18:24
I would like for a completed event (an event in the past to turn blue) and if an event has not passed have it be yellow?  Would this be possible?

Also, I was curious if there is a way to mark an event as canceled and have it change to another color.

Posted:  03 Dec 2011 23:59   Last Edited By: Roel B.
But . . .
- on which calendar pages (year, month, etc.)?
- the color of what? (the title text, the title background, the background of the hover box ????)

(Currently the text and background colors of the event title are linked to the Event category)
Posted:  04 Dec 2011 15:53
Would it be possible to do all views?  If not, just Day and Week?

Posted:  09 Dec 2011 21:37
Hi Roel!!

Is the color change do-able?

Thanks.  I love this calendar.

Posted:  09 Dec 2011 22:03   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Carol,
It depends on the details of what you want . . .
You asked for two things:
1. Change the color of events in the past
This is most probably not too difficult, but still quite a bit of work because changes are required on many places in the code.
The main question here is (asked already 2x before) the color of which text/item should change? The color and background color of the event title is already fixed by the event category. This of course could be overruled by an in-the-past color. Is that what you want?
This would be a specific change for you.
We don't consider this feature useful for the general LuxCal user because the current day is already marked by a blue border and everything before this blue border day is in the past.
2. Mark events as cancelled and change the color
Currently there is no way to mark events as cancelled. Events can of course be deleted, but in this case they are not displayed any more.

Posted:  12 Dec 2011 20:11

Having the background color change if the event has passed is what we are looking for.  Is this an easy fix?
Posted:  05 Jan 2012 20:06
Hi Roel,

I have figured out a way around this by using no need for custom code for this...thanks!!
Posted:  05 Jan 2012 21:03
Hi Carol,

Great! I'm very busy and prefer to avoid custom code as much as possible.