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Posted:  25 Nov 2011 15:06
Is it possible to display the end time of event on the Month view? Currently it only displays the start time. User has to hover over the event to see the end time. Which part of the code do I need to change to make this possible?

Thank you very much. The calendar is great!! thump_up
Posted:  25 Nov 2011 23:56
Hi there,

Change line 29 of the file views/month.php into (line number based on LuxCal 2.5.3):

case 0: $time = ITtoDT($evt['sti']).($evt['eti'] ? ' - '.ITtoDT($evt['eti']) : ""); break; //no

and you are done!
Posted:  26 Nov 2011 02:24   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Thanks Roel, your response is fastthump_up.

I have also changed line 35 to

$popText = "<b>".$time.((!$evt['mde'] and $evt['eti']) ? " " : " " ).$evt['tit']."</b>";

-- Jo