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Posted:  22 Nov 2011 01:20
Hi, (thank you Luxcal team)

My request is to find a way to be able to show the coming events, perferably "titles only" in other web page's sidebar.
For example, Luxcal is installed in, and I want to show the coming events as a facility in sidebar in
I use wordpress for other site, so, if there is any plugin, code or widget available, I would be greatful if some one informs me.

I do not want to use Iframe, embeding a page in frame etc.

Posted:  22 Nov 2011 18:55   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,
This is not so easy. The reason we suggest to use an inline-frame when embedding the LuxCal calendar is to avoid interference with the parent web page.
A bit of PHP programming will be needed to do this. If you are ready for this, then the following approach would be a good start:
- Have a look at the way a connection to the database server is made and how the database is selected; you can find this in the index.php file lines 77 - 79.
- Have a look at the way the LuxCal sidebar is build; you can find this in the file "header.php" lines 183 - 217.
- Use the retrieve.php file with the retrieve function to retrieve the upcoming events from the database (the retrieve function takes 2 parameters: $fromdate & $tilldate in the format yyyy-mm-dd and will return all events in between)
- If you need further explanation, send me your specific questions.

This should give you an idea of how it could be done.
Nice job for the X-mas period ;)
Posted:  23 Nov 2011 02:43
Hi Roel B.

Thanks for the reply.

PHP is nothing that I can handle on my own, sorry. I just want to know if there is a ready made codes or plugins enabling me to show upcoming events in any other pages.

Is it possible to creat a file and put it into luxcal folder (original web site/domain) and then call it from other web sites?

Posted:  23 Nov 2011 12:10   Last Edited By: Roel B.
No, you cannot call an application in an other domain (security issue). (As a matter of fact, you can call it, but you can't get output from it).
But from different domains, you can connect to the same MySQL database. So, for instance, you can duplicate all LuxCal files to different domains and then use the same database and share the event data, category data and user data.

Posted:  24 Nov 2011 00:01
Hi Roel B.

It seems confusing, I know calendars from some providers available to be used in other domains. But, Luxcal is the one I prefer to use. Sad, it is not possible at this moment to use it as explained above.

If in new releases you can manage to point to the issue of mine, hopefully there could be a way to acheave.