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Posted:  21 Nov 2011 20:33   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Roel!

Thank You for your great calendar, better and better for each version :).
I´m trying to implement LuxCal 2.5.3 on one of my sites and it looks good so far but.....
visitors who still are using IE7 can´t login depending on error on the login screen, it is the field for password who shows wrong, IE6 and 8-9 works well. Is this a bug just in IE7?

Kind Regards

Here is an image which shows what the password field looks like, the field goes all the way to the edges of the web page.
Posted:  30 Nov 2011 21:36
Hi Roel!
It seems that line 223 in login.php (echo '<input type="submit" class="flush" name="log_in" />'. " N", / / dummy input to get ENTER = login right) causes this problem in IE7, I deleted it and then it works properly also in IE6-9. :)
Regards Morgoo
Posted:  03 Dec 2011 23:08   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Line 223 in the login.php file is a dummy line, needed to invoke a login when the user presses Enter instead of selecting the Log In button.
Good news:
Without deleting line 223 the IE7 problem reported above can be solved as follows:

In the file css/css.php change line 63 into:


.flush {position: absolute; right: 100%;}