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Posted:  08 Nov 2011 21:31
Is there a way to hide the scroll bar on the calendar, I have it in an iframe with my scroll bars off but the calendar has some that show up when not needed.

example if needed:


Thanks :)
Posted:  08 Nov 2011 23:28   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Lisa,

Beautiful calendar colours!

You have removed the link to LuxSoft in the footer :( and now I can't see what LuxCal version you are using.
If you are using the latest version - 2.5.3 - then in the file css/css.php change on line 91, at the end of the line overflow-y:scroll; into overflow-y:auto;.
The downside is that the header (Sunday, Monday, etc.) is not properly aligned any more. I will try to find a solution for this. This however will take some more time.

Be aware that September 2012 will have a scroll bar again (month spread over 6 weeks).
Posted:  09 Nov 2011 01:26
Awww,  no sad faces, I put the link back :)

Thanks for the help, I see what you mean about it not lining up now. Also what controls the back ground color of the events, is it the category or in the css.
Posted:  10 Nov 2011 12:30   Last Edited By: Roel B.
I believe I have an acceptable compromise for the misalignment of the header in month view:

In /css/css.php, change line 71 (div.content {clear:both; padding:3px 26px 0 10px;}) into:


div.content {clear:both; padding:3px 10px 0 10px;}
and  below line 102 (table.grid .wkColM {width:25px;}) insert the following styles:


table.grid .dumCol {width:11px;}
table.grid .hcol {width:14%;}
In /views/month.php change line 109 (echo '<col span="7" class="dcol" />'."\n";) into:


echo '<col span="7" class="hcol" /><col class="dumCol" />'."\n";
and line 113 (echo '</tr>'."\n";) into:


echo '<th></th></tr>'."\n";
Be aware this not a very good solution if you are using other views, like week and day view. I'm still trying to find a better solution.
Posted:  10 Nov 2011 20:43
Perfect! It works now. It should work fine for me if I don't use the week or day views right?
Posted:  11 Nov 2011 00:02   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Great! Yes, that's right.