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LuxCal Forum / LuxCal / Known Issues and Fixes / LuxCal 2.5.3: Top bar splits over two lines
Posted:  05 Nov 2011 22:07   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Due to a problem in Internet Explorer versions prior to version IE9, the name of the calendar user, which is normally displayed on the right hand side in the Top Bar, is displayed on a separate line just underneath the Top Bar. This pushes down the Navigation Bar with the Options link to the next line which results in the view header being hidden behind the view itself and the Options button being hidden behind the Options Panel when the Options button is selected.
This problem will be fixed in the next LuxCal release.

In Luxcal 2.5.3 this problem can be solved as follows: In the file "canvas/header.php" replace line 69 as follows:


Old line 69:
    echo '<span class="floatL">'.$calendarTitle.'</span>'.makeD(date("Y-m-d"),6).'<span class="floatR">'.$uname.'</span>'."\n";

New line 69:
    echo '<span class="floatL">'.$calendarTitle.'</span><span class="floatR">'.$uname.'</span>'.makeD(date("Y-m-d"),6)."\n";