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Posted:  03 Nov 2011 05:55
Is there some way that I can set this up to always open on a specific date, (ie, September 1 of the current year if it's currently before October 1, or September of the following year if equal to or after October 1?
Posted:  03 Nov 2011 13:09   Last Edited By: Roel B.
There are two possibilities:
Start year view with a specific month
On the admin Settings page under "Views" you can specify the start month of the year view; this means that the year view will always start with the specified month and that the year will change as of the first day of the same month next year.
This only affects year view; the start date in the other views will remain unchanged.
Specify the start date for all views
When launching the calendar in your browser, you can add the start date in the URL as follows:     ("cD" stands for "current date")
This of course means that whenever you want to change the start time, you will have to change the link.