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Posted:  01 Nov 2011 21:35
Is it possible to set up a cron job php.script to export a iCal file so that other Calendars e.g. Outlook can subscribe/synchronise?
Posted:  03 Nov 2011 00:39
This is currently not possible.
Based on the functions in the exportICS.php script it would not be very difficult to make this possible.
But then a couple of things should be clarified/agreed, e.g.:
1 - the cron job runs once a day, early in the morning
2 - it should export all events added/edited the day before
3 - and store the .ics file in the "/files" directory (the receiving calendar should come and fetch this file every day)

Is this what you have in mind?
Posted:  04 Nov 2011 18:09
Yes thats exactly what I was looking for