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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / How to delete imported iCals?
Posted:  25 Oct 2011 17:57
I've imported an iCal. But now I want to delete it because it doen't fit my needs.

How to delete the iCal? :(
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Uwe K
Posted:  11 Nov 2011 23:14   Last Edited By: DavidM
I do this all the time, but it's fairly easy for me only because I import the iCal data into specific categories that I created just for that purpose.  A short query using something like the following within phpMyAdmin will clear out a specific category's events for the calendar:


delete from events where category_id = <x>;  /* where <x> is the category number */ least using the current version of luxcal (2.5.3 at the time I'm writing this).

Of course this only works because I dedicate that particular category to a specific kind of imported iCal events.  If you have the iCal-imported events mixed in with other kinds of events, don't try to do something like that!  There could be other common characteristics that would apply, though.  Something in the description, perhaps?  The only other ways I know of would be to manually delete each item or to use a previous backup to restore from.