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Posted:  16 Oct 2011 11:19

Thx for a great calendar!! thump_up
I don't know if I'm doing something wrong now :D But is there any way that I can change something so just the owner to the event and admin can see the details in the event? I'm going to use this calendar so my clients can book appointments for my spa and to some personal issues I don't won't anyone else to see how is my clients and what they have ordered. :) Only shows the time taken to all others.
I have change the settings "show owner" to "no" but it still don't help me :(

Thx in advanced!

Ps: Any plans for adding a payment-module like Paypal to the calendar? ;)
Posted:  16 Oct 2011 14:01   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Anki,
What you are asking is currently not possible.
A user who adds an event can make it "private', but in that case the event will not be shown at all to other users.
If an event title is shown in a calendar view, then when hovering the title the event details will always  pop-up, whoever the user is.

However, I find your idea interesting, to have a setting to enable / disable the display of details for other users; in other words: to display details only to the event owner and the admin.
This is easy to implement, so I will add this setting to the next LuxCal release.

For the payment module, do you mean a PayPal button for your visitors to donate $$ to LuxSoft? :D
Posted:  16 Oct 2011 15:56
Thx a lot for your answer :)
I was thinking if I may be could with some // in the php hide it for now ;) Until you make a new release for LuxCal ;)

The paypal can work both ways ;) Maybe every paid event/booking on someones Calender can send a nickel your way ;) Just a thought :D
Posted:  16 Oct 2011 18:43
Ok, the // as an intermediate solution is fine. As this is going to be a dedicated solution for you, I suggest that you send me your email address (via the Contact Us page). Then we can discuss further details and thereafter I will send you some changed files.