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Posted:  02 Mar 2010 22:18   Last Edited By: Roel B.
The development of LuxCal 1.8 is well under way. Don't forget to regularly check this post to stay up to date with the latest developments.
Implemented changes, so far:
Monday or Sunday first day of the week
On the settings page the administrator can select either Monday or Sunday as the first day of the week in the various calendar views and in the 'date picker'. (Done)
Embed one specific calendar page in your web site
A new script is available to embed one specific calendar view in an other web site, for instance Upcoming Events. This view has no navigation bar and no footer bar. Visitors will be able to view this page, but will not be able to navigate other calendar views. (Done)
Prefix for database tables
During the installation process it is possible to enter a prefix for the database table names. This may be useful if you are short of databases and want to share the database with other applications or use it for for more than one LuxCal calendar installation. (Done)
Hyperlinks in month view
URLs added in the description field of events will result in a separate line showing the hyperlink in month view. (Done)
Months per row in year view configurable
The number of months displayed per row in year view can now be selected via the settings page. This can be particularly useful when the calendar is embedded in an other web page and the width is limited. (Done)
Selection of user interface language more flexible
The selection of the user interface language file and the user guide file in different language via the settings page has been normalised and made more flexible. An explanation has been added in the installation instructions with regard to the use of special characters and the required character encoding. Done
Apply language file to Date Picker
The user interface language file will now also be used by the Date Picker (Javascript) for the months, day of the week and button texts. (Done)
Several small improvements and bug fixes