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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / Unable to add or edit event - as an admin!!!
Posted:  23 Sep 2011 00:45

I installed this wonderful calender successfully and played around with it for a while, testing/discovering all of its features.

I even added a test event in the no cat category. Everything went fine.

Then, all of a sudden, I lost the abilities to add a new event!

As I am writing this post, I am logged on as an administrator (as confirmed in the list of users).

Yet, I can't add a new event. Either by clicking on a day on by clicking on the "add event" button (the small + to the left of the help button). Nothing happens!

And I can edit either the test message that I posted. Nothing happens when I double-click on it.

It is if, all of a sudden, I had lost all my writing and editing permissions, even though I am logged in as admin.

What am I doing wrong?

Best regards,

Posted:  23 Sep 2011 04:56
Hello again,


I've restarted my PC and the problem has disappeared.

False alarm then. I wonder if this was caused by a problem with my JavaScript on my PC...

All the best,

Posted:  13 Oct 2011 10:54
Thanks very much for reporting this problem.
I could not reproduce this error; on our test sites the Add User function worked fine. Nevertheless I have changed the submit-code for the Add User button from JavaScript 'onclick' to the more robust html <a> tag. Now this error cannot happen again.