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Posted:  22 Sep 2011 23:27

First of all, thanks for this excellent software - very professional!

I just have a small query:

I have allowed users to self-register. But, at the same time, I'd like people who don't wish to register still to be able to see the calendar (public access).

Is this possible? Right now, it seems that a person cannot see the calendar when he accesses the page since the connection screen always appears and blocks the public view.



Posted:  22 Sep 2011 23:42   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello Henry
Yes this is possible.
- On the admin's Settings page enable self registration and give for instance "post/edit own events" rights to self registered users (that's what you have probably done already)
- On the Admins Users page edit the Public Access user and give "View calendar" rights.

Thereafter when a user (public access) launches the calendar he/she will be able to see the calendar. To self-register or, if already done, login, he/she can select Log In (right side of navigation bar) and get more rights.

Posted:  23 Sep 2011 00:29
Hello Roel and many thanks for your fast reply!

You are right, I had forgotten to to give "View calendar" rights to the Public Access user <shame>.

Well, I now have another problem, but I'll open a new thread for it.

All the best,