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Posted:  19 Sep 2011 11:03   Last Edited By: Gork
I noticed one change in the forthcoming v253 released which concerns me:  "HTML tags are stripped from the event title, venue and description, to avoid (malicious) use of HTML tags which interfere with the calendar styles."  Will there still be a way to use strike-through in at least the event title?  This was one of my priorities when searching for a calendar solution...

I see you noted the next version adds an ability to select multiple categories while viewing the calendar.  Sawheet!  I noticed a comment in some "upcoming goals" type notes at one point where you were wondering if it'd be worth the trouble.
Posted:  19 Sep 2011 12:17   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Stripping HTML tags from the event title, venue and description
In our demo calendar we've seen a mischievous user adding <h1> tags without end tag to the event titles which resulted in the rest of the event data being displayed in a very large font size, messing up part of the calendar display.
But I see your point and am willing to allow a limited number of HTML tags, which cannot change the font size. Give me a (short) list of tags you would like to use for each of the following event fields:
- title
- venue (if any)
- description

Selecting multiple categories in calendar views
In the beginning I wasn't sure because I could not find an acceptable (html) way to select multiple categories. But now that I've found a(n elegant) replacement for all drop-down menus in the navigation bar (see demo calendar), I thought it worthwhile to implement multiple selections for the category filter and the user (event owner) filter.
Hope the users will like it.
Posted:  19 Sep 2011 18:13   Last Edited By: Gork
Ahh, thank goodness you'll consider a limited number of HTML tags.  Whew! :)

I currently use strike-through, bold, underline and italics in the title and description fields.  I use these markups as well as links in the description field.  I haven't yet found a use for the venue field, so can't really comment on that, but would assume the same markups would be helpful in the venue field as in the title field.

Honestly, the only two things I'd really REALLY miss at this point are strike-through in the title and description field as well as links in the description field.  And strike-through is more important to me than links.

Just took a second to look at the demo with regard to setting multiple categories.  I like your implementatioin, perhaps even better than with the current version - it just seems less busy.  Way to come up with such an elegant change while adding usability!

Argh...  There was one other thing I noticed in your change log that I wanted to let you know I was excited about, but alas, I am old and have forgotten. ;)
Posted:  19 Sep 2011 20:55
I vote to include the <center>  </center> HTML tags as well.  I use them for day labels (holidays, etc.)
Posted:  19 Sep 2011 22:12   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Ok Gork and David,

The calendar will allow for the following HTML tags:
- title: <b><i><u><s><center>
- venue: <b><i><u><s><center>
- description: <a><b><i><u><s>

This has already been changed in the demo calendar on the LuxCal Demo page.

But be aware, it is the user's responsibility to properly enter a start and end tag. If the end tag is forgotten, this can have some strange side effects.
Posted:  20 Sep 2011 03:43
I am very relieved to hear that you're implementing these HTML tags.  Perfect!  I certainly understand it's up to the user to end these tags; I sometimes forget and it most definitely makes a mess of things.  Perhaps at some point it'd be worth making an option in the admin panel to strop all tags or just allow these?  Not a big deal to me, but just a thought.  Oh, and I didn't even know you could use <s> isntead of <strike> - I'm going through and changing all my entries in preparation.  If I were better with MySQL I'm sure it'd be a bunch easier!


one other thing ... in your change log ... I was excited about but ... forgot

After some sleep I remember!  The "stay signed in" option.
Posted:  20 Sep 2011 04:33
Ok, I started trying to change all my <strike> and </strike> to <s> and </s> by editing events through LuxCal and quickly discovered I had LOTS MORE entries than I thought.  These changes would've taken me a few hours at least.  Ugh.  So I put my thinking cap on and learned a little more about MySQL Administrator.  I pulled up the Query Browser and within 10 mins figured out how to do a search and replace and completed the task.  Whew!

UPDATE lc_events SET title = REPLACE(title,"</strike>","</s>");

As far as the tag <a> goes, I was curious if the previous method to show links in the description field ( [GOOGLE]) still works in v253?  If this method and the "show links in month view" option in the admin/settings panel are still present in v253 perhaps there isn't a reason to allow <a>?  (Plus, I like your implentation of using links in the description field better anyway.)
Posted:  20 Sep 2011 10:25
Thnaks Gork,

Yes, you are right. also in v2.5.3 [GOOGLE] is the way URL-links should be defined in the description field. So I will take out the <a> tags.