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Posted:  08 Sep 2011 10:49

Just starting out with Luxcal and I love the balance of simplicity and features.

I am running it on Debian Squeeze (Stable) with Apache 2.2.16, MySQL 5.1.49 and PHP 5.3.3.

I've been importing my Google calendars, exporting the iCal file from each and importing them into Luxcal.

All went well until I tried to import the fifth calendar.
It appears to import, there are no error messages but also there is no message saying that it had imported (unlike the other calendars).
The file is no bigger than others I've successfully imported (28k)


Posted:  08 Oct 2011 20:30
I'm running into this exact same issue.  In my case, I have two separate .ics files that appear to be OK, but won't import.  4 others work without any problems.

Using Luxcal 2.5.3 on a shared CentOS server configured with Apache 2.2.21, PHP 5.3.8, and MySQL 5.1.56.

While troubleshooting the issue, I discovered some interesting things:

- The exact same version of Luxcal with the exact same .ics import files works fine on two other systems that I tried (one an IIS server, the other a local testing system I have which is CentOS-based).  This leads me to believe that the root cause is related to some kind of setting on the server itself, though I have no way to know which one(s).

- The problem seems to be related to either the size or the quantity of records to be imported.  In my case, it's the two largest files of the set that won't import.  I was able to get one of them to import successfully by removing the last few records in the .ics file.  I found the "magic spot" to be at 83 records for that particular file.  Adding any more past that number would cause the "add records to database" step to fail (without any indication that it had done so, other than the records simply not showing up in the db -- and no message indicating how many were added).

Any help is appreciated, and please let me know if there's something specific I can do to test the various settings of PHP, MySQL, etc.

- DavidM
Posted:  15 Jul 2013 05:02
Similar problem with Mozilla holiday file.

ICS File sent to Roel.
Posted:  15 Jul 2013 10:01
Hi there,

This problem occurs when the .ics file is too long. The calendar's ICS import script can't handle so many events in one go.
Since quite some time I've planned to address this problem, but I gave it low priority. Maybe it's about time now to give it a higher priority wink

A temporary work-around is to split your .ics file in two separate (smaller) files. Or, if you know how to do this, change the max_input_vars in the php.ini file to for instance 2000.

I will try to solve this issue in a next LuxCal version.