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Posted:  01 Sep 2011 22:22
I would love this option and would pay for it. The ability to add multiple categories to an event that would show icons for the event. And the ability to add pictures.
Posted:  03 Sep 2011 10:21
Hi Chris,
I know, the only right answer to this would be: OK, how much? ;)
But unfortunately I've no spare time and therefore can't implement these features.

Maybe in a later release, but I can't promise anything.
Posted:  09 Sep 2011 15:00
thump_up  Multiple Categories! It's the only important missing feature in this great script.

(Lots of other stuff could be dreamt up, too, but then LuxCal wouldn't be light-weight anymore, would it?)

Multiple categories... ummmmm!  :)
Posted:  09 Sep 2011 23:39
I disagree, I think icons, unless they are totally optional would muddy the waters and make a clean looking product look cluttered.  One calendar I considered has a tiny little square in front of each calendar event  It's color is selectable.  I found the squares got in the way of the message conveyed by the calendar event.  That however is an OPINION and there can be lots of those!!!  :)
Posted:  19 Sep 2011 15:58   Last Edited By: Jules
I was actually agreeing with "multiple categories" and not, specifically, icons.
The reason I would like multiple categories is so that a visitor could select from the category list a particular set of events which might include some, but not necessarily all, of a another set.
In my own case, student testing times could be for Semester 1 or ProCalc (a calculation test) but sometimes both categories apply and on a busy area of the calendar, it would be great to let the Semester 1 students view only their own ProCalc testing times and nothing else.
As I said previously, this would be nice (but is not the be all and end all).
LuxCal is so well designed that I chose it over WebCalendar, which has multiple categories, because it is so easy to work with and maintain.
Posted:  19 Sep 2011 20:52
Yes, I chose it over multiple other choices.  It's a REALLY well done gift.