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Posted:  31 Aug 2011 15:45
Is it possible to add function that each user will have unique color of events?
Like google calendar for example, there are two colors, one for "header" of event box and second for body of event box, can u do something in this way?

We have multiple users that are adding events and we would like to see it more clearly who added what (without mouse hover etc).
Posted:  03 Sep 2011 10:34   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,
This is an interesting one. The logic is easy and should not be difficult to implement.

- The admin should be able to optionally assign a color to each user.
- In the calendar views in one or another way if a color has been assigned to the originator of the event, this should be shown for each of his/her events.

However, currently the event takes the color of the event category, so where should the user color be shown? If not on mouse hover, any suggestions?
What about "self-registered' users? I assume they should automatically be given the color 'blank'.
Posted:  05 Sep 2011 10:47
Self-registered users should be  blank.

Yes admin assigns the color to each user, in the calendar views.
Here is the example of event and colors
|  color1   |
|  color2   |
|  color2   |

I think it would look ok if color1 was the "user color" and color2 as "event color".

What do you think?
Posted:  05 Sep 2011 17:50   Last Edited By: Roel B.
In month view for example - which is the most important for most users - events take up most of the time only one line. So there can be no two colors above each other.
In year view the little squares can have only one color.

After having given it a second thought, I think we should give the admin two mutually exclusive options:
1. events take the color of the event category
2. events take the color of the user
Either, or, but never both. Both - two colors per event - would be too much.
If the admin has chosen "events take the color of the user", then the "category filter" drop-down menu should be replaced by a "user filter" drop-down menu.

How about this?
Posted:  08 Sep 2011 14:41
Ok, your solution sounds good to me, admin chooses preferred option.