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Posted:  22 Aug 2011 16:42
Hi. I have just installed the latest version as a new installation. I opened a .ics file and was trying to change the categories before the actual import but pressing enter to go to the next field imported all 117 events into the first category. :-(  Is there a way to delete all the events in one go, please? other words, empty the calendar and start again? I don't really want to do a complete reinstallation if possible.
Thanks for your help.
Posted:  22 Aug 2011 16:55   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Jules,
In LuxCal there is no possibility to delete blocks of events.
I would suggest to log in to your web hosting account on your server and use phpMyAdmin to connect to your MySQL database and just delete all entries (rows) in the 'events' table.This should be pretty straight forward and quick.
Posted:  22 Aug 2011 17:23
Thank you, Roel.