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Posted:  19 Aug 2011 16:58   Last Edited By: bigdessert
1. allow a user's email address under the admin section to be specified as a list.txt file to support multiple emails with the new list system.
2. allow the public user to have set an email address or list.  I know you will probably say why the heck would you ever want to do this.  Well we use this internally and it is not public facing.  We use the public account so users don't have to login.  We want to have the emaillist specified so any time an event is created the default list is entered.
3. Right now when you create an even with lets say a 30 day reminder.  It sends and email 30 days before and on the day of.  It would be nice in the admin section to have a small tick box to disable the email that happens on the day of.
4. Also in the admin section it would be nice to be able to specify the default reminder days for when creating a new event.
5. would also be nice to expand on category default repeats to include every 2nd,3rd,4th,etc.

I have currently hacked together the source for the calendar to get all these functions working, but it becomes a pain when I upgrade.