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Posted:  12 Aug 2011 14:52
I have some wishes to make calendar more greatly ;)
1. Make styles for large and mini-calendar in separate css classes (for example, in large calendar I want to see big fonts, but in mini - smaller)
2. Allow add new events from mini-cal only after authentication.
3. Make user groups to allow or deny them view different events (for example, I want show to my friends my birthday, but others shoudn't view it).

I think enough ;)
In general all works great thump_up
Posted:  15 Aug 2011 10:59
Into DevNotes-25 written:

To do for next versions:
3. make category drop down list "multiple selection". Is it worth it ??

It's a very useful thing make multi categories!
Posted:  15 Aug 2011 13:29   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Thanks for these suggestions.
1. separate styles sheet for normal and mini calendar
I agree this would be useful. This is on our To Do list for the next release.
2. Adding events through mini-calendar only after authentication
It's an idea. Enabling/disabling the requirement for authentication should maybe be an admin setting. We will further analyze the possibilities.
3. User groups / event category groups
For some users, in particular small businesses, this would be useful. However, this would be a major change and make the notion of users and event categories quite a bit more complicated for the private user. Maybe something for the long term LuxCal development . . .
Btw: As of LuxCal v5.2.1, the admin can specify for each event category if events in that category should be visible to the public user. So a distinction can already be made between event visible to logged in users and public (not logged in) users.

Posted:  15 Aug 2011 15:47
It was only my wishes ;)
Thanks for answer and calendar.