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Posted:  12 Aug 2011 09:29
Wow, just upgraded to v251 and it was SCARY!  But it's now working like a charm.  Very nice!

Scary?  Well, I quickly read through the change log and noticed the change to categories public/private, but didn't think much of it.  When I installed the upgrade, all my entries were gone except those in the default "no category" category!  You KNOW how we should ALWAYS back up the database before upgrading?  Well, I was naughty and forgot.  I thought all my entries were gone...  And though I do take backups of the file system, I quickly started realizing since those are made mostly for system recovery, it would not be a quick fix by any stretch.

I read through the change notes again and started thinking...  I visited the categories section of the admin panel and voila!  With the addition of the ability to block categories to guests, all but one category had defaulted to requiring the user be logged on to view.  There was most definitely a heavy sigh of relief!

Thank you for the update, haven't found any issues.  I love the idea of the first day of the each month being highlighted.  Fits the bill perfectly yet is unobtrusive.
Posted:  12 Aug 2011 14:23
Ha, a shot of adrenaline from time to time keeps you going ;)

I'm glad you like it!