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Posted:  01 Aug 2011 17:30   Last Edited By: evinx
A cronjob can be created using SSH, therefore follow the steps below:

    Create an SSH account,
    Log on to your hosting SSH server,

    If you are logged on your ssh server, then run the following command:


    A new window will open where you can enter your crontab, below you will see a working example of a cron:

    0 23 * * * cd / home/vhosting/a/vhost000000/ / & & php backup.php

    Note: If you want to run a php file, then you must enter "php" to continue as in the example.


The cronjobs must be set through the following sequence:

<minuten> <uren> <days> <months> <weekdagen> <command>

The chart below shows the possible options.

.---------------- Minute (0-59)
| .------------- Hour (0-23)
| | .---------- Day of the Month (1-31)
| | | .------- Month (1-12) or January, February, March ...
| | | | .---- Weekday (0-6) (Sunday is 0 or 7) or Sunday, Monday, Tuesday ...
| | | | |
* * * * * Command to be executed

    You can save your crontab file by pressing "Ctrl + x" button.
    There will now be asked to confirm saving the cron, press "Y" to confirm the change.
    You can log out yourself by running "exit" to type.
ps. sorry for my bad english
Posted:  03 Aug 2011 12:05   Last Edited By: Roel B.
The post above is for a very limited number of users and not specifically for the LuxCal calendar.
Only very few LuxCal users have rights to administer their Unix server through SSH (Secure SHell).
Therefore I recommend LuxCal users who want to create a cron job to carefully read the header part of the lcalcron.php file and to consult the cron job explanation provided by their service provider.
In LuxCal v2.5.1, the cron job explanation in the header of the lcalcron.php file has been much improved.
Posted:  29 Oct 2015 20:12   Last Edited By: ml48603