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Posted:  01 Aug 2011 17:27
is it possible to hide events for public view

we have a band but if there are public party's these can be seen by public view
but we have also private party's like weddings or company party these may not be seen by public view

i hope someone can help me

PS.sorry for my bad english im from the netherlands
ps. sorry for my bad english
Posted:  01 Aug 2011 22:50   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,

Hide all events for the public:
On the admin's Users page you can select "no access rights" for the Public Access user. In this case no events can be seen by the Public users.

Certain events are hidden for the public:
When you log in and enter an event, in the Edit Event window you can check the "Private Event" check box. Private events can only be seen by the owner of the event (the one who entered the event) and by users with admin rights. So the public can't see them.

Slecht Engels is geen enkel probleem op deze website ;)
Posted:  02 Aug 2011 17:55
hello there

i want to hide some events for public access but not for members
but i don't want to disable public access
if i can set rights level to category it will be fine for me
then i make a category private so only registered user can see this category


ik wil dus events blokken voor publiek omdat dat besloten optredens zijn
maar er zijn dus ook optredens in het openbaar waar iedereen heen kan en die mag het publiek wel zien in de agenda
als een category leden rechten kan geven is het ook goed maak ik een category prive die alleen members kunnen zien en dus geen publiek
ps. sorry for my bad english
Posted:  03 Aug 2011 11:54
In LuxCal v2.5.1 you will be able to specify for each event category whether events in this category can be viewed by the public user or not.
If I'm correct, this is exactly what you need.
LuxCal v2.5.1 will be released this Sunday, the 7th of august.
Posted:  03 Aug 2011 17:24
NICE !!!!

do i have to reinstall lux cal or is there a upgrade possible

i hope in a next release there is a possibility that you can add information fields on adding a event

like contact-person phone numbers email address and that kind of stuff

thnx for info and good luck with lux cal

ps. sorry for my bad english
Posted:  03 Aug 2011 18:10
LuxCal automatically upgrades.
Basically, if you have not changed anything in the LuxCal files, you just upload all files of the new release and launch the calendar.

In the next release unfortunately there will be no possibility to add new fields when adding events. To implement this would be a major change.
Who knows, maybe later . . . ;)