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Posted:  14 Jul 2011 09:46
Just a thought...  One of the nice things that makes LuxCal stand out from some others is how it will shows x number of weeks instead of just one month at a time.  I love being able to view 10 weeks at a time instead of just four.

That said, it is a little difficult to see when the next month begins.  If you're looking at March and April, the cell for "1 April" does print April inside it, but it is difficult, at least for me, to see easily - it just doesn't stand out.  Would it be possible to print that month in a larger font and/or bold?  Or have a bold line in the "table" between months?  Or just some little thing so that it is a little more obvious when  new month begins?

I REALLY like how it is now, though, printed as one continuous table when you view multiple months in the monthly view.  (As opposed to blank cells after the last day of the month and before the first day of the next month.)
Posted:  14 Jul 2011 19:57
I agree. The month is already displayed in bold, but I will experiment a bit with a larger font and/or a different background color for the month.
Posted:  15 Jul 2011 10:54
I hope you don't mean a different background color for the whole month, but rather just for the first day of the month...  If so, I like that idea too!
Posted:  15 Jul 2011 18:04   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Yeah, I was not very clear.
What I meant is the background color just for the month name (July, August, etc.) so that it really stands out.
Actually the color of the whole months alternates from month to month. If in the styles sheet (css/css.php) on line 35 you change "FFFFDD" to "FFFFAA" for instance, you can clearly see where the new month starts.
To find a nice combination of colors, you should play with all four background colors on lines 34 - 37 of the styles sheet.

See the LuxCal demo calendar on this site for a demonstration of the month name with a background color.

Posted:  16 Jul 2011 07:21   Last Edited By: Gork
I see that now, even on my installation, now that I'm looking for it.  I guess the color change is unobtrusive enough that I didn't even notice it!  Perhaps it's my old eyes... ;)  I don't know that I'd want the color change to be more intrusive, but I really like your idea of adding the background color for the month name, just to make it stand out a bit more.

Have I mentioned lately that I'm totally loving LuxCal?  If I were to give you examples to indicate just how happy I am with it you'd think I've gone completely off the deep end. hehe  I guess I just spent way too many months looking for the perfect solution, trying out way too much software, before your addition to allow the changing of specific occurences in a repeating event made LuxCal the perfect solution for me.