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Posted:  09 Jul 2011 23:07   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Change log:
1. Simpler navigation bar, new options panel
All drop down menus in the navigation bar have been replaced by one single button which opens a panel, called Options Panel. Changing the options of the calendar (view selection, filters and language selection) is done in this new panel.
Via check boxes the user can . . .
- change the calendar view (year, month, week, date, upcoming and changes)
- set a filter based on event owners; multiple users can be selected
- set a filter based on event categories; multiple categories can be selected
- change the user interface language
The display of the filters and language selection in the options panel can be enabled or disabled by the administrator.
2. Remember me option during log in
A remember me checkbox has been added to the log in page. When checked, the user will be remembered and will be automatically logged in the next times the calendar is launched. When logging out and in again manually while leaving remember me unchecked, the user will be forgotten directly and will have to log in the next time.
3. One- or two-click event editing
Via the admins Settings page one-step editing can be enabled. If enabled: clicking an event will directly open the Edit Event window. If disabled: clicking an event will always first open the Event Details window where the Edit button has to be selected to open the Edit Event window.
Note: If the user has no rights to edit an event, the Event Details window will open with the Edit button disabled
4. Event owner color added
Via the admins Users page a color can be assigned to each user. On the Settings page the admin can select whether in the various views events are displayed with event category color or the user (event owner) color.
5. Deleted event categories preserved
Deleted event categories are earmarked "deleted", but not physically deleted. These "deleted" event categories are still available for events created in the past, but are not any longer available for new events.
6. Transparent background for events
If for an event category no background color has been specified, the background of events in that category will be transparent and consequently take the color of the underlying calendar (rather than the color white).
7. Admins Settings page restructured
With the introduction of the new options panel, the admins Settings page has been structured in a more logically way by adding a separate section for the new options panel.
8. New admin setting "start month in Year view"
If a start month has been specified (1 - 12), in Year view the calendar will always start with this month and the year of this first month will only change as of the first day of the same month in the next year. The value 0 has a special meaning: the start month is based on the current date and will fall in the first row of months.
9. Clear button on date picker
On the date picker, used to select dates in forms, the close button has been replaced by a clear button for those date fields which may be blank. The close button is not needed because the date picker closes automatically or can be closed by re-selecting the button that opened the date picker.
10. Font sizes reviewed and moved to the theme file
In the cascading styles sheet all font sizes have been reviewed and scrutinized, resulting in a simplification of the styles. The most important font size groups have been moved to the lctheme.php file. In the lctheme.php file users can now easily tailor the colors and the font sizes of their LuxCal calendar.
11. Important security issue solved
An important security issue (SQL injection vulnerability) has been solved by introducing various measures in all LuxCal PHP-scripts. This security issue in past LuxCal versions made it possible for hackers to get unauthorized access to certain data of the LuxCal MySQL database. This change highly improves the security of the LuxCal calendar database.
12. Calendar themes
The calendar's user-interface color definitions have been moved from the styles sheet to a new separate file, called css/lctheme.php. This makes it easier for users to create their own theme with tailored colors.
13. Event categories hidden for public view
On the admin's Categories page for each event category public view can be enabled/disabled. This makes it possible to create events - in one or more specific categories - which are visible for the logged in users and are hidden for the public access users.
14. Cron job admin summary report
The cron job summary report produced by the scripts which are executed via a cron job has been improved and better formatted. Via the admin's Settings page, the sending of this summary report to the calendar administrator can be enabled or disabled.
15. Edit or delete single occurrences of repeating or multi-day events
It is now possible to edit the series or one single occurrence of a repeating or multi-day event. If just the occurrence is edited, the original occurrence of the repeating, or multi-day event is  deleted and replaced by the new (edited) event. If just the occurrence is deleted, the single occurrence will be deleted, whilst the other occurrences of the repeating or multi-day event remain unchanged.
16. Admin assigns event to users
An admin function has been added: when a user with admin rights creates/edits an event, at the end of the Add/Edit Event window a drop-down list with registered users is displayed. From this list the admin can select a user who will become the owner of the event. If on the Settings page Show Owner is enabled, the owner of the event will be displayed in the Event Details window.
17. iCal file export improved
- On the iCal File Export page the name of the iCal file can be specified; the file will be stored on the server and can for instance be downloaded into apps on mobile devices, like a smart phone.
- The event owner has been added to the export filter, which makes it possible to export event of an individual owner.
- The date range selection (events occurring between two dates) has been improved to cope with repeating and multi-day events (based on the common/retrieve.php script).
18. Flexible time slot in day/week view
Two settings have been added to the Views section on the admin's Settings page. One to set the day/week view time slot size to 10, 15, 20, 30 or 60 minutes and another to set the time slot display height value in the range of 10 - 60 pixels.
19. Saving toner/ink when printing Upcoming Events or Changes
To save ink/toner, when printing the Upcoming Events page or the Changes page the background color of the page(s) to print is now set to 'white', with the exception of the event titles.
20. Last edited by
When Show Owner is enabled by the admin, the owner and the last "editor" (last edited by) will be shown in the onmouseover popup, on the Changes page and in the list with changes send by email (via a cron job).
21. Efficiency improvement
The MySQL 'events' table and 'dates' table have been merged into one 'events' table resulting in an efficiency improvement and simpler scripts. Now that the editing of single occurrences of repeating and multi-day events has been implemented in an efficient and elegant way (no explosion of repeating and multi-day events into individual events), there is no need any more to have separate 'events' and 'dates' tables.
22. onmouseover pop-ups
The styles for the onmouseover pop-up box have moved to the styles sheet. Three different styles are available for the pop-up box: a style for normal display, a style for private events and a style for repeating / multi-day events. The styles can be tailored by editing the styles sheet css.php.
23. repeat function extended
In the Edit Event window, every "5th" and "6th" day/week/month/year has been added to the repeat function possibilities.
24. Various minor improvements an bug fixes
- In the Changes and Upcoming views "None." will be displayed when there are no changes of upcoming events to be displayed.
- When retrieving events, the events list is sorted on dates to get the upcoming events in the side bar in the correct order.
- In the Changes view the category filter and categories.public filter didnt work. Error in database query solved.
- No email reminder should be sent for a repeating or multi-day event on the day of a changed occurrence. The changed occurrence determines if a reminder should be sent.
- Activation of various buttons changes from JavaScript to more robust HTML.
- Problem with the css style of some button texts solved.
- In the import iCal script a bug in processing event date/time fields has been solved and the problem with half-size erroneous fields has been solved.
- In certain circumstances the upcoming event list in Upcoming view and in the side bar was not complete. This bug has been solved.
- Aligning of text in topbar simplified and more robust.
- Most HTML tags are stripped from the event title, venue and description, to avoid (malicious) use of HTML tags which interfere with the calendar styles. The following HTML tags are still allowed: <b><i><u><s><center>
- Allow for event dates in the previous century.
- Default time zone bug (creating a problem with PHP 5.3 warnings) solved for RSS feeds and downloading iCal files.
- Link to the calendars RSS feeds added to footer bar.
- A new entry Back to calendar added to the admin drop-down menu, which the admin can use to go back to the calendar view.
- If the calendar database tables are prefixed, the admins database functions now only operate on the tables starting with the specified prefix.
- When an event is edited by an other user (with "post all" rights), the event owner should remain unchanged, unless the owner is explicitly changed by the admin.
- In month view the month name has been given a background color to make a new month stand out better.
- Sender / owner removed from email reminder (was not really useful).
- Added 29 more colors to the color picker used on the admin's Categories page to select the text and background colors for event categories.
- Added a class for warning messages (in addition to error and confirmation messages) and changed the blocking error "notification date in past" in the Edit Event window into a non-blocking warning.
- On the admin's Users page the admin rights of the calendar administrator cannot be removed anymore, neither can users with admin rights remove their own admin rights.
- In the overview with calendar changes daily sent by email (via cron job) for each date the events are sorted in the same way as in the other views.
- Event categories which have been flagged as "Public" on the admin's Categories page, will not be displayed in the drop down menus for the Public user.
- The hover popup box on the admin's Settings page was transparent.
- When private + repeating, the onmouseover popup didn't show the private background color.
- Removed "n", which was displayed at the top of the Edit Event window.
- When an edited repeating event didn't validate, the changes were lost and had to be re-entered.
- In the mini-calendar onmouseover pop-ups for repeating events were transparent.
- In the Changes view and the Change Summary (cron job) an error occurred in the "Changed on" date if the "last modified" date was not yet filled in the database.
- "Call-time pass-by-reference" is deprecated and as of version 5.3.0 PHP generates a warning. Pass-by-reference completely removed.
- When calling up the full month the current date ("cD") argument was wrong and caused a problem when displaying exactly one month in Month view.
- When the admin creates an event for someone else or changes the owner of an event, the reminder email address should be set to the email address of the new owner too.
- If on the iCal export page no "occurring between" dates are specified by the user, the start and end date will be set to -1 year and +1 year respectively. This is to avoid overflow in case of repeating events without "until" date.
- In the RSS feeds time format display error solved.
- On the edit event page, the admin's list to set/change the event owner, also showed deleted users.
- The counter for the number of changes in the admin's cron job report was incorrect.10.
- Some xhtml fixes to satisfy the W3C Markup Validation Service and to improve the quality of the calendar scripts.
- Various optimizations.