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Posted:  07 Jul 2011 01:59

I'm starting to use this great tool but I have a question. Can I have multiple calendars? I want to have a separate calendars for different users.

If I have overlooked this I'm sorry and thanks for your help
Posted:  07 Jul 2011 09:00
Hi there,

What you can do is the following:

Possibility 1:
Install the calendar twice or three times etc. And if you don't have enough MySQL databases available, during the installation you can specify a prefix for the database tables, so that all calendars use the same database. This solution is not very practical if there are many users.

Possibility 2:
Just one calendar, with an event category per user. By selecting a specific category in the navigation bar, only the events for that category (=  user) are displayed. The disadvantage is that if a user selects "All Categories", he/she can see the events of all users.