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Posted:  01 Jul 2011 05:11

I was able to get around the installation problems mentioned ealier.  Now the calendar loads.  However, the page elements are not shown where they should.  The week, month, year, and perhaps other views have the week, month, year, overlapping the top of the calendar.  They cover the drop down lists for changing views...   This happens on IE9.  Could this be that the download isn't optimized for that browser?
Posted:  01 Jul 2011 09:50
Hi there,
The LuxCal calendar has been tested with IE9 and other browsers.
For whatever reason it seems the header (top bar, navigation bar, etc.) of your calendar installation takes too much space pushing down the lower part behind the actual calendar.
Do you have this same problem when viewing the demo calendar on this LuxSoft site?
If you want me to have a detailed look, please send me the URL of your calendar (via the Contact Us page) and on the admin's Users page give view rights to Public Access.
Posted:  02 Jul 2011 03:05
This doesn't happen on the LuxSoft site.  The site where I am adding the calendar isn't online yet.  It's only on a local web server.

If I compare the LuxSoft layout to what's shown on my site, you are correct.  The top instead of being one narrow light grey row is shown as one wide light grey row with two dark grey rows on the top and bottom of it.

Where in the code can I change this?
Posted:  02 Jul 2011 16:10   Last Edited By: Roel B.
My first reaction is: you should change this in your local server settings. The browser on your local server should respond as any browser on a client PC.

However, if you really want to adapt the calendar application to your local server settings, maybe the following will help:
The top bar and navigation bar are produced by the canvas/header.php script. What is coming below is produced by the selected calendar view page (one if the scripts in the views/ directory.
Posted:  03 Jul 2011 00:26   Last Edited By: mmmosias
Thanks Roel,

I was able to integrate the calendar on my web pages and have it look quite good.  To get there I changed a few settings in the pages you mentioned.  You really did an excellent job on this calendar.  You've designed it well and have structured the code perfectly.  Also, while being very efficient with the coding, you provided every option anyone could ever need.  All of that in a parameterized fashion for centralized customizations. 

As I mentioned, I don't have this on the web.  If I ever have it out there, I'll be sure to put a link in the forum.

Congratulations on this great work!