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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / Days of the week not displaying in week view
Posted:  21 Jun 2011 12:47
Hi there,

I have calendar always on week view, but now I noticed bij recent update
that days of the week are not displayed in week view.

What has to be done to have them displayed in week view.

Posted:  21 Jun 2011 13:14   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Corina,
Since version 2.4 the new scroll bars have been introduced (scrolling only the calendar days while leaving the header fixed on the screen). This new mechanism requires a fixed height of the header (top-bar, nav-bar and days of the week).
Apparently in your calendar the height of the header has increased, which pushes down the days of the week behind the calendar days.
Do you know of any reason why the height of the header in your calendar has increased?

I could probably give you more details, if I could see your calendar in week view.
Posted:  21 Jun 2011 20:31   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Roel,
Problem seems only to appear in browser at my work. Guess that it might be browser type. Do not have any problem at home based computer. and at computers by my clients.

grtz Corina
Posted:  28 Jun 2011 06:53
We use at work IE browser 7.

It gives following warning error (this is BTW also for the demo on luxcal site)

for my website:
Regel: 162
teken: 2
fout: '0. style' is null or not an object
code: 0
url: http://

for luxcal demo site:
Regel: 117
teken: 2
fout: '0. style' is null or not an object
code: 0

I do not have this problem at my home computer

Posted:  28 Jun 2011 18:33
Hello Corina,
Thanks for reporting these problems.
The error messages are a known IE problem with certain JavaScript elements and have been solved in LuxCal 2.5.0 which will be released in the coming weeks.
The problem with the header (days of the week) is a specific IE7 problem with "margin:auto" in the styles, which we have solved in V2.5.0. As intermediate solution I will email you an updated style sheet.

On the LuxSoft Demo page you can already see the LuxCal beta version 2.5.0, in which these problems have been fixed.

Posted:  29 Jun 2011 08:55
Hello Roel,

Thanks !!!!