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Posted:  19 Jun 2011 23:59
Hello Roel!

Is there a possibility to view only mon-fri.
I want use calendar at school world and we donĀ“t work on sat-sun. :)

Posted:  20 Jun 2011 14:36   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Ermin,

Like in most calendars, Saturday and Sunday are a rather fixed substantial part (2/7th) of the week :)
I could however, change the month.php script for you and leave out sat-sun. But then you would probably say: "and what about year view and week view?". If sat-sun should be removed throughout the calendar, there a quite a number of changes required.

If you want me to change the scripts, the changes will be specifically for you and I will not keep the changed scripts. This means that when you want to upgrade to a new LuxCal release later, you will have to take care that the changes don't get lost.
Let me know your views.