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Posted:  19 Jun 2011 14:35   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi can you tell me if your calendar can do what I need. I have had a good look at it and think it will do everything.

We run an online store. We would like people to be able to register to use your calendar to list their special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

1. Do users need to register before to use the calendar on our website?
2. Then they add all their special occasions to the calendar. We need them to see only their special occasions not anyone else's, is that possible to enforce.
3. Then we would want an email to be sent to the person 2 weeks before each special occasion. Can we have it so that the email is set automatically to be sent at 2 weeks and the person isn't having to set the time for the reminder email?

I would appreciate any help you can give with this.
Posted:  19 Jun 2011 16:52   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Julie-Ann,
I've numbered the questions in your post so that I can refer to them.

1. If the admin (you, I suppose) gives rights on the Users page to the Public Access user, then everyone (public access) can access the calendar. However, for your purpose this is no option. Users must register because the calendar should know the user's email address to be able to send the reminders and if users should only see their own special occasions, the calendar must know who the user is.
2. If a registered user checks the Private Event box on the add/edit event page, other users will not see their special occasion. Currently the user is free to select Private Event or not. With a minor change in the event script I could force all events to be private and remove the check box from the user interface. (Private events can only be seen by the owner of the event and by a user with admin rights (e.g. you)).
3. Currently asking for a reminder and specifying the number of days before the event is indeed totally up to the user. Again, with a small change in the event script I could force a reminder 2 weeks before the event and remove the reminder part from the user interface.

If I have understood your needs correctly, then two minor changes in the events script would be needed. If you want I can apply these changes and send you a changed event.php file. These changes will then be specifically for you and I will not keep them.
Please have a very careful look to see if the rest of the calendar meets your needs and to be sure that no more changes are needed.

Because this is so specific for your purpose I suggest to continue our conversation by email (via the Contact Us page), if you are still interested.
Posted:  22 Jun 2011 03:20
Thanks so much Roel. I will check that I have covered everything with my partner then contact you. It sounds promisingthump_up
Posted:  22 Jun 2011 08:49
One other question:
Can we change the wording of the email the registered users would receive? So that it mentions our business.