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Posted:  12 Jun 2011 02:41
My server has PHP 5.2 --check
I downloaded and unpacked LuxCal 2.4.2 --check
I created a directory in my site Calendar --check
I created a mysql database in my site and noted the name, username, password --check
I uploaded the unpacked LuxCal files to the correct directory on my site --check
I followed the directions on the Installation_guide.html --check...

I entered the appropriate info in the fields on the install.php page and it created the calendar tables in my dB and generated the code for me to create the config.php file......

I created the config.php file in Dreamweaver and uploaded it to the root directory of my installation....

and when I put in the URL to see the calendar:

There is nothing...not even an error.

Please help :)

Thank you so much!

Posted:  12 Jun 2011 11:14   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello Singersower;
Up to the Dreamweaver part everything is fine. You are close.
However, creating the config.php file with Dreamweaver is causing the problem. Dreamweaver adds some extra characters/text to the config.php file and this is absolutely not allowed.
No error is created because config.php is one of the first scripts processed by PHP. If it fails, PHP aborts processing before any error can be sent.

I would suggest to create the config.php file with a plain text editor, like notepad or notepad++ (very good and free:

If you prefer, you can also send the config.php file created with Dreamweaver to me (via the Contact Us page) and I will clean up the file for you.
Posted:  12 Jun 2011 20:34   Last Edited By: Roel B.
OK- I emailed to you.
I did remove the code that Dreamweaver places before I pasted the generated code. but maybe you can identify what I'm missing.

If it helps, in IE and Chrome the page says "Server Error" (HTTP Error 500).

Thank you so much!!

Posted:  08 Jul 2011 16:32
Hi, Did this get resolved. I have just installed 242 and am having the same problem. I had previously had v1.2 on, but hadn't been using it, and when a new use came up, I thought it was a good moment to upgrade.
When i got the error 500, since I had no data to speak of, i decided to delete all the old tables using phpmyadmin, and do a clean install. The new tables all created happily. I pasted the config text into notepad, and transferred it to the web directory, but I still just get the IE error.
I will send you the config file, as you suggested to singersower, in the hope that you can spot something. Thanks for any help you can offer, and for the brilliant (when i can get it to work) program.
Posted:  09 Jul 2011 12:18
I had the same problem, fresh install and nothing but a blank page
No error logs from php or mySQL

After debugging their index code, try commenting out the following line in 'index.php' and see if your calendar starts working:
Change the following line-
to -

Save and upload, my calendar now works maybe yours will too
Posted:  09 Jul 2011 21:00   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Thanks Notu!
This is a good suggestion, but if it works it means that on your server PHP4 is running (instead of PHP5). This will cause problems under certain other circumstances.
So please ask your provider how you can switch to PHP5. In 2011 PHP4 is really out of date!
Posted:  13 Jul 2011 16:39
A big thanks to Roel for keeping suggestions coming until it was sorted: Is there a file list somewhere in the instructions that I should have checked against?
Because the 'common' directory was missing, it didn't get far enough to start showing error messages.
Best wishes,