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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / problem in month view
Posted:  11 Jun 2011 21:32
I'm using the latest ver (2.42) under firefox, 99% of the time in month view

sometimes, I can't find where exactly the display is messed: the yellow part with the data gets very small and takes only 1/3rd of the screen width

and ideas why is it so?
Posted:  11 Jun 2011 21:40
I can't attach screen shot but you might be able to see it in my site
Posted:  12 Jun 2011 11:26
Hello Yossin,
I had a look at your site and on my PC it looks fine.
You are saying "sometimes". Does this mean that the display is messed up sometimes, but not always? And if so, does this happen on one and the same PC?

I would be interested to have a screen shot; maybe you could send one to me by email (via the Contact Us page).
Posted:  12 Jun 2011 12:08
on viewing it looks OK
after changing data, on the refresh it gets wild
(if you wish, you can enter with the same user/ password as here in the forum)

BTW, in chrome it looks OK, the problem is only if firefox
Posted:  12 Jun 2011 12:23
I always use Firefox and haven't seen any messing up.
When it gets wild, does it get wild always in the same way?
And does it always get wild after changing data, or only sometimes?

I'm interested to see it.
What user / password do you mean? I can't see your pw and you don't know mine.
Otherwise could you send me a un / pw by email?