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Posted:  04 Jun 2011 18:56
hi firstly, thanks for this awesome work!!

i have quick question i wanted to change the header of the "All Categories" to something like "Available Doctors" how can i do that? i'm very new to php but i saw hdr_all_cats in the select statement and wondering where is the value coming from. thanks!
Posted:  04 Jun 2011 22:13   Last Edited By: Roel B.
You're on the right track :)
The text you are looking for is defined by the string "hdr_all_cats" in the lang/ui-english.php file (which is used in the header.php file).
Be aware that the file ui-english.php is a "language file and that there are 12 more languages in the lang/ directory. So if you have visitors speaking other languages than English, there are another 12 files to be updated.

(Fyi: the ui-files contain all user-interface texts for the normal users and the ai-files all texts for the administrator pages.)
Posted:  05 Jun 2011 02:58
hey many thanks!