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Posted:  24 May 2011 13:38
I think it would be useful to display (in mouseover popup window) the last user that change an event (including corresponding date/time)

best regards,
Posted:  24 May 2011 21:02
Hello Laurentiu,

This would require some additional fields in the events table of the database ("last editor", "last edit date and time")
I agree the information could be useful in certain calendars. We will give it a thought.

Posted:  03 Jun 2011 19:43
my wish list

I don't like the fact that once I click on event, it opens it in "view" mode and I need to click again to edit event

why won't you make it configurable feature? one might chose your way of click->view->edit and other the direct way of click->edit
Posted:  04 Jun 2011 22:20
To be honest, I agree with you.
I changed this because some users asked for it. But now that I have improved the size and buttons of the Edit Event window, after having given it a second thought, I don't see the advantage of this 2-step approach.
I can't just change it back because some users might complain, but I will see what I can do.
Posted:  16 Jun 2011 05:19
one more wish item:

when I delete event, it's still there and I need to close the window with one more click

why won't you do it configurable too, like the 2- phase edit event suggested above?
Posted:  16 Jun 2011 08:48
Hi, my personal comments ...

The "2 click" procedure gives you the possibility for an undo action or you could save it to a different day because the fields are still filled with the old values. I like it because I don't delete events so often.
The old approach immediately deleted an event without the possibility for undo.

I am not sure if I prefer the 1 or 2 click approach - Configurable is maybe a good idea.
The new view window is better readable than the edit window. I know it from older not so experienced computer users that they get confused easily.
If you have a calendar with a lot users only viewing events it is better I think.
For a calendar only being used by a few users who are allowed to edit events the "1 click" is a bit faster.

Regards, Alfred
Posted:  20 Jun 2011 22:04
my wish list -
the colors of the calendar don't work with our design - we would like to customize the colors so that it blends in with the rest of our web page. Is this possible?
Posted:  20 Jun 2011 22:15
Hi BlueOlive,
Yes, this can be easily done. All calendar colors are defined in the top part of the css/css.php file. So change lines 26 - 48 of the css.php file to match the rest of your webpage.