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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / Wanting to display ONLY 1 month - I know about the $weeksToShow = 0; but it shows other days as well
Posted:  19 May 2011 16:30
I like this calendar a lot but some of my users only want to see exactly 1 month.  I have the setting to show weeks to 0 but even with that setting it still shows days before the month and after, anyway to make it only show the exact days in the month and nothing else? 

For example, my calendar is currently showing the month of May but after May 31, it also shows June 1 to the 4. I only want it to show May, NONE of June.  Any suggestions?
Posted:  24 May 2011 07:41
Hello Roël and brycer2000,

I use too the settings to show weeks to 0 in my calendar but the change to fully suppress the preceding and following months when a single month is displayed in Month view is very useful for brycer2000 but not for me.

I need to see the previous day and the following day when a single month is displayed in Month view.

The solution would be to be able to choose the display
Thank you for your very good work.

Posted:  24 May 2011 21:15
Hello Fabiou,

I agree with you. When brycer 2000 asked for this, I thought it would be better to make this the default way of displaying a single month. But, after having given it a second thought, I think it is no improvement. Therefore I will change this back.
In Year view however, I still believe it is better to suppress for each individual month the days of preceding and following months. So I will leave this.
Another change I introduced for single month display is that the "3-character" month name which was previously displayed in each day of the month has now been suppressed. This is better I believe; in single month display, the month name is displayed just above the calendar and it's therefore not needed to repeat the name in every day cell.

I will send you a pre-copy of the changed files by email.
Posted:  25 May 2011 08:01

Thank you for the files. It is perfect.

Posted:  03 Jun 2011 19:22
General Comments: LuxCal is a fantastic tool!  Very nicely done.

I have also run into an issue where viewers of the calendar have made requests similar to brycer2000.

As a potential compromise, would it be possible to show the days before and after the current month with different styling, ie. grayed-out, italic, or something along those lines?  That might provide the needed visual cue that they are not part of the current month.

Just a thought...
Posted:  03 Jun 2011 23:05
Hello David,

In the current month view, when just one month is displayed (weeks to show set to "0" by admin), actually the days before and after have a (slightly) different color. brycer2000's problem however was tat he/she didn't want to see events on the days before and after.
The good news is that for LuxCal 2.4.1 I still have a script for month view with both code partitions, for the normal view and the view without day before and after.

If you send me your email address (via the Contact Us page) I will send you this file with the "original view" partition commented out and your desired view partition active.
Posted:  04 Jun 2011 00:53
Hi Roel -

The current implementation (in the 2.4.1b distro) is fine for me at the moment... I just thought that you were planning to revert back to showing the full days (similar to the multi-week display <> 0) in futurereleases.  The difference in color is, as you say, very slight.  Not having the month abbreviated in every day cell as you have described will also help.

I'll send you the email address through the contact form.

Posted:  11 Apr 2013 21:02
Hello Roel,
I have just started to use your luxcal program and so far it looks very promising for our organization.  I am interested to see if this "exactly one month" option may still be available.  Would it be possible to grey out or at least not show the events on the previous and next month's days that show on the current month's calendar view?  Or maybe to have an option to enable/disable this setting?

Thank you,
Posted:  11 Apr 2013 22:51   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello Ken,
The "one month option" is still available by selecting on the admin's Settings page under Views "Weeks to show in Month view" = 0.
However, if there are days of a previous or next month in the first or last week respectively, the events on these days are shown as well.
In the past I produced a second version of the "month.php" script with days of previous and/or next month's days greyed out, but I never maintained this script and removed it again.

If it is really important to your organization, I could introduce this greying out again.
I could of course always grey out the days of a previous or next month when "Weeks to show in Month view" = 0 has been selected, but I'm afraid other users will start complaining.

Let me know if this is essential to you, and if so, send me your email address (via the Contact Us page) so that I can send you a month.php script with this change, and I see what I can do wink
Posted:  24 Apr 2013 16:24
This is something that I would find useful also.
Some users have complained that it isn't always clear in which month a day should be....
thank in anticipation,