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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / Display *just* the Side Bar?
Posted:  16 May 2011 20:21
Just checking out the new Calendar, and the updates look cool.

Not too long ago I had suggested the possibility of a narrow upcoming event display. The new Side Bar looks exactly what I had in mind, but...

Is there a way to either:
a.) embed just the sidebar in a page (static), or
b.) pop up the (floating) sidebar

without having the whole calendar up?

If I could, that would be AWESOME! thump_up

Posted:  16 May 2011 21:48   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Ray,

I see what you mean. Actually it would not be too difficult to produce a stand-alone side bar with upcoming events. Just something like the LuxCal mini calendar. However, if it would be a layer (like it is now on top of the calendar)  on top of your own web page, the interface with your web site would be a bit more complicated. E.g. you would need one or two additional styles in your style sheets or page header, some additional JavaScript in your page header, and your page should be processed by PHP and maybe a few other things.
But as I said earlier, it would not be too difficult.
I will add this to our To Do list for further evaluation.
Posted:  17 May 2011 04:49
Being able to call up the floating side bar would be cool, but I can see the issues with integrating with a web site.

Just a static side bar, as you say, like the mini calendar, is all that would be needed.

Posted:  18 Sep 2011 22:35   Last Edited By: Roel B.
I agree,
I wished I could just display the upcoming dates, preferably with my own css.
In this way I could create an event-calendar that integrates with my site.
the only button i would like is the add your event one.
Posted:  16 Oct 2012 18:42
You got my vote