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Posted:  14 May 2011 20:24

Luxcal has most of the functionalities which I need for a booking system, however I would like to add a few more functions to it.

I am trying to make the events in the Public View page clickable as like in the admin Page but due to being new to Luxcal I have no idea where to start coding :( I want the normal user to be able to click on an event and be able to book to that event.

Can someone please give me any suggestions as to which part of the source codes I need to look into? I am not an expert in PHP so can someone please also tell me the overall structure of this system?

Thank you for your time!
Posted:  14 May 2011 21:17
Hi there,
What is a "normal user"? Someone who's is not registered and not logged in? Or maybe someone who has self-registered and consequently is known to the admin (admin's User page)
On the admin's Settings page you can give rights to users. If for instance you would give "Post All" rights to to the Public User (anyone who's not logged in), anyone can click on events and edit events.
What you (probably) should change here is that these users cannot edit the already present event data, but can book/subscribe to the event.
Hope this helps to get started,