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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / Deleting one event in a repeating series
Posted:  13 May 2011 18:46
I want to set up a number of weekly events.  Occasionally, one of these will be cancelled and I would like to delete it without deleting the entire series (Outlook does this very simply, for example).  Is this possible now in LuxCal?  Or do I have to enter every event as a one-off in order to be able to delete it if needed?
Posted:  13 May 2011 19:18
Hi Ben,

Currently this is not possible in LuxCal. Several users have already asked for the possibility to edit/delete single occurrences of repeating events (like in Outlook indeed). However, asking for this is easy, but implementing it is something else. Only few calendars offer this possibility.
Because we want LuxCal to be one of the best, implementing this feature is high on our To Do list.
Posted:  13 May 2011 23:03
Thanks, Roel.  Appreciate the quick reply.  Good luck getting that implemented.  It would be very useful.