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Posted:  13 May 2011 01:05
I'm wanting to find in the CSS code where you change the font size for the display of an event - and is it possible to make the font bolded, too?  Thanks
Posted:  13 May 2011 12:37   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Could you be a bit more specific: What do you mean by "the display of an event"? Where? When?

The default font size for the calendar is set on line 53 of the css.php file.
The rest of the style sheet has headings which specify (more or less) what the styles are used for.
Adding font-weight:bold; to the a style makes the text concerned bold.

Posted:  13 May 2011 20:18
Hi Roel - sorry I wasn't clear.  I have a calendar that defaults to month view.  When I add an event to a day within that month, the font size is way small when displaying the event in the  monthly calendar view, and it makes it very difficult to read.  So I wanted to be able to bold and increase the font size for the text that displays an event within any of the "date" boxes within the month view of the calendar.  (I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the default font size, it's just that I'm using colour rather than black for the font, so it's not as easy to read as it would be if I was using black.)

Hope that makes sense.  I will, in the meantime, play with line 53 of the css file and see if it makes a difference.  Thanks so much.