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Posted:  10 May 2011 22:23   Last Edited By: randm
I've installed several LuxCal calendars on my sites (love them), but I haven't done one in awhile.  I'm now having trouble with a new install for an add-on domain.  I created the database, created a folder on the server called "calendar1", and uploaded all the LuxCal files into it.  So my file manager looks like this:

                cronjobs   (etc, etc)

All the files are uploaded to the proper folders, and I have added the install.php, index.php, etc., to the calendar1 level.  But when I type into my browser, all I get is a black page.  I am not prompted to install the database.  I even went back and compared the file manager for another installation I did for another website with what I've done here, and I can't seem to find anything amiss.  What have I forgotten?
Posted:  10 May 2011 22:41
Could the permission of the folders be insufficient? (should be 755).
Or otherwise check if a file called error_log (or something similar) was created by PHP. The content could help you to find out what went wrong.
Posted:  10 May 2011 23:00   Last Edited By: randm
Hi - checked the permissions of each of the folders (css, common, lang, etc.), they're all at 755.  The files install.php and index.php under the calendar1 folder were at 644.  Is that right?  I changed them to 755 anyway, but it didn't do anything.  Can't find any error_log either.  :(  I think I might just have to go back and start from scratch and see if I did something wrong in the uploading.  Sometimes it takes me awhile to get my head back in the game on these things.  Just hate to redo all that work again!  thump_down
Posted:  10 May 2011 23:30   Last Edited By: randm
OK, I deleted the original folder on my server and recreated the entire thing.  I uploaded all the files, made sure I had index.php in every folder that contains it, uploaded the install.php and index.php files to the main folder - etc.  Now I get a white screen instead of a black one - but still no prompt to install the database.  :o  I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong!
Posted:  11 May 2011 22:38
The install script only runs if there is no config.php file in the root of the calendar installation. So if there is a configuration file, delete it.
What happens if you start the install script directly by using the following URL:

Posted:  12 May 2011 20:33
Hi Roel

Thank you for your reply.  There was no config.php file to delete, but when I entered the full url as you noted above, it worked.  Could there be an issue, maybe, with something in the coding of this latest version that isn't prompting to default to the install.php file when someone enters their domain url and the address of the location on the server into the browser?  (i.e. when I enter, it doesn't default to like the previous versions always have.) 

Thank you for the suggestion to enter the full url - I should have thought of that, but now I can go ahead and enter the database info and get this thing online.  Appreciate very much your expertise!  And thanks again for the great calendar.  I can't wait to try out the new mini-calendar.  I've been waiting for that feature and plan to update my other calendars so I can use it on those sites also!! Cheers and thanks!  thump_up