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Posted:  16 Feb 2010 06:10
Very nice calendar! I have searched the web up and down looking for something simple and functional for my neighborhood. I greatly appreciate the simplicity and the easy to read calendar. The following are a few suggestions that would make your calendar a perfect fit for our needs.

1) The ability to control which users can add entries under a specific category. For example, let’s say you have three categories - reservations, maintenance, and gatherings. Then you have three users – Sam, Joe, and Neighbors. Since Sam handles reservations, only he would have the rights to add an event under the category of ‘reservations’. Since Joe is in charge of maintenance, only he would have the rights to add an event under the category of ‘maintenance’. The rest of the neighborhood would log in under the ‘Neighbors’ login and would have the rights to add an event under the category of ‘gatherings’, but would not have the rights to add an event under the categories of ‘reservations’ or ‘maintenance’. Both Sam and Joe would also have the rights to add an event under the category of ‘gatherings’ since they are also part of the neighborhood.

2) Default the email reminder email address to one that has been assigned to that category. For example, if an event is added to the category ‘gatherings’ the email address would default to one that has been assigned to the ‘gatherings’ category. That way, ‘gatherings’ email reminders could go to an email list that everyone in the neighborhood is on. Meanwhile ‘reservation’ email reminders would only go to Sam since he is in charge of reservations.

3) The ability to login using the username instead of the email address. This just makes it quicker and easier to login. For my use, there will be groups of people using a single login such as 'Neighbors', thus an email address may be hard to remember.

Thanks so much for all your work on this. I am very impressed.
Posted:  16 Feb 2010 14:04
Thanks for these very clearly described suggestions.
Suggestion 1
I agree this would be useful for your purpose. But some development work would be required, in particular if one user has rights to add events under several - but not all - categories. The number of categories is variable. So you would need a variable number of tick-boxes when adding/editing a user.

Suggestion 2
Currently, when notification is selected, the initiator of the event will automatically receive a notification email. Optionally he/she can enter an additional email address to which the notification should also be sent. If there is sufficient demand for this, I could make this optional email address an 'email list'.

Log in using username
This is quite easy to implement and would probably be better for everyone. I will put this on our list for maybe the next release.

In general I'm reluctant to implement very specific features for one particular purpose. The beauty of this calendar is that it is simple to use and that the code is relatively easy to understand.
Of course you're free to make some changes yourself ;)
Posted:  17 Feb 2010 01:22
Thanks Roel,

Sounds like suggestion 2 will work as it currently is. I did not realize the email address box was for additional email addresses. No need to add email lists as one can simply use the address of their emails list server.

Thanks for considering adding suggestion 3.

As for suggestion 1, I agree the UI could get a bit complex with a variable number of users and categories. Maybe a simpler way to achieve this key functionality would be to add a dropdown box for each category in the ‘edit category’ UI that allows the admin to assign a single user to that category making that user the only one who can add/edit events associated with that category.  The admin could also select ‘all’ to allow all users to add/edit events for that category. I think many people will find this feature very useful. For example, think of a family that sets up the following categories “Dad”, “Mom”, “Brother”, “Sister” and “Family”. With this feature, Dad could be the only one with rights to add/edit events in the “Dad” category, thus preventing the kids from messing up his schedule. Meanwhile, all family members could add/edit events in the ‘Family” category as the rights for this category was set to “All”.

Again, I am very grateful for the work you have done and shared.
Posted:  17 Feb 2010 17:03
Your suggestion 3, logging in with a username, rather than an email address, will be part of LuxCal version 1.7. I'm already working on it.

Your 'revised' suggestion 1, to be able to assign a category either to all users or to one specific user, looks interesting. From the user's point of view this would not complicate the calendar; this would be just an additional set-up feature for the administrator.
I will give it a further thought.
Thanks Teg
Posted:  21 Feb 2010 06:42
Hi Roel,

I have been enjoying working with your code and learning PHP. I was able to add a hard-coded version of the category-rights feature I suggested. Since your UI allows me to give users rights to modify only events they have added, all I needed to do was prevent users from adding events to specific categories. I did this by hard-coding an ‘if’ statement into events.php that loads the category drop-down box with only allowed categories. Obviously the correct way to do this is to add a new selection to the ‘Edit User’ UI that allows the admin to select which categories a user can add events to. Then store that info in the database.

As a note, I ran across another calendar program that is so similar to yours I am guessing you are working from the same base. It is called SuperCali by inforest. You may want to take a look as it has the category-rights feature I suggested along with other features such as category filtering, a Sun-Sat month layout, and a ‘propose’ feature. But it does not appear to be actively supported, the layout is not as nice, and it appears to be missing the email reminder feature.

Many Thanks
Posted:  21 Feb 2010 12:21
You are right Teg, I had a careful look at SuperCali when I started. For my purpose, I found certain features of SuperCali to complex, whilst other - in my view - basic features were lacking. For instance it does not support recurring events (my wife would never accept a calendar lacking the possibility to enter her birthday ;)) and notifications. But I copied some of its good things of its UI into LuxCal.
Thanks for your suggestions, they're on my "probably-to-do"-list.
Posted:  21 Feb 2010 18:12
Great work! I definitely prefer your cleaner, easier to understand UI.
Posted:  16 Mar 2010 22:26
Hello to all,
I really like the clean and efficient approach of the calendar.

My suggestion is to implement a mechanism that allows claiming a compromise. A compromise could be created with permission to be accessed by ALL (as already exists, but claimable).

I imagine a category that allows having the owner be changed. People could accept this kind of compromise and even set free for another to accept this comprise. This would help me a lot. I am responsible to organize a fest in May for the whole street and have some tasks that others could assume completing my work.

Tks for your efforts!
Rene (São Paulo-Brazil)
Posted:  05 Apr 2011 14:51
Hi, Teg

I really like your idea of hard-coded version of the category-rights feature - if I am not mistaken you have already implemented it. Is there any way you could send me the modifiacation you have made?

Thank's in advance,
Regards, Jernej